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What are the wrong operations of kitchen equipment during daily use?

From:Internet Posted on:2021-04-30

In the daily use of kitchen equipment, we may have some improper and wrong operations. Improper operations may damage the equipment and may even threaten personal safety. Today, I will summarize the following common wrong operations for everyone:

Stainless Steel Fried Furnace

1. Safe use of stove

Wrong operation: the pot with hot oil on the stove is not taken off, and the electronic ignition is started directly;

Consequences: if it is not ascertained whether the fire in the stove has been extinguished long ago, the gas accumulates in the furnace, and sudden fire will cause "deflagration (crash)";

Correct operation: first turn on the smoke exhaust, remove the pots and pans on the stove, exhaust the gas that may accumulate in the furnace, and then ignite.

2: Descaling the cooking stove

Wrong operation: the water in the water tank is not often discharged, and no scale cleaning is performed:

Consequences: A lot of scale accumulates, causing dry burning, and burning the inner tank of the water tank;

Correct operation: all equipment in the kitchen that involves water heating (for example: seafood steaming cabinet)

3: Descaling of the boiling water machine

Wrong operation: do not change the water, do not remove the scale;

Consequences: scale envelops the heating tube, and the temperature is too high to cause the heating tube to burst.

Correct operation: Regularly descale, manual cleaning to prevent damage to the inner wall; after using the descaling powder to descale, rinse several times to prevent the residual descaling agent from corroding the inner tank of the water tank.

The above three points are a simple introduction to the wrong operation of kitchen equipment, the consequences and the correct operation. I hope everyone has to help.