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Matters needing attention in the cleaning and care of kitchen equipment

From:Internet Posted on:2021-04-30

Many friends have always paid great attention to the hygiene and cleaning of the living room, and often maintain and care for the living room from time to time. The kitchen also needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Although it is easy to do, it is also unsightly if we are sloppy or ignored. Usually we only need to clean up the kitchen after cooking three meals in the usual way, or do thorough maintenance for the kitchen regularly, and then we form a habit, so that our kitchen can always be kept as clean as new, making the whole house brighter and brighter. . The cleaning and maintenance work of the kitchen has always been the task of the family leader. The oil, rust, etc. are difficult to wash off the dirt. What are the clever ways to solve these problems? Here is an introduction to the commonly used techniques. Basically, the stainless steel kitchenware cabinet itself has basic moisture-proof handling. The staff of Foshan kitchen equipment remind you that you should not flush the cabinet directly or for a long time to avoid damage to the board due to moisture. Therefore, if the surface of the cabinet is stained with water, it should be wiped with a dry cloth immediately. We can clean it with a slightly damp cloth on weekdays. If it is difficult to wipe, you can brush it with a neutral detergent and a vegetable gourd cloth. Regular maintenance and disinfection can be wiped with a 1:1 dilution of bleach and water. Pots, dishes and other objects should be wiped dry as much as possible before they are put into the cabinet. At the same time, avoid sharp objects directly scratching the surface, and do not use steel brushes to scrub. Do not open and close the door too hard or exceed the opening angle (110 degrees), hinges and other metal parts, to avoid permanent accumulation of water stains, the above methods are very effective after testing, friends may wish to try, after regular cleaning and care of the kitchen, Your kitchen will always stay fresh and bright.