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How to maintain stainless steel kitchen equipment in the kitchen?

From:Internet Posted on:2021-04-30

Stainless steel kitchen equipment is actually very simple to clean and maintain. After cooking three meals in the usual way, clean the kitchen easily, or perform thorough maintenance for the kitchen regularly, or ask the kitchenware company to do security inspection services for the kitchen at home. This will not only keep the kitchen clean and new, but also avoid the trouble of year-end cleaning. . The cleaning and maintenance of kitchen equipment has always been a troublesome part of the chef's brain. Oil and rust are all difficult to hold back dirt. The following is a brief introduction to the cleaning and maintenance principles of various equipment in the kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen equipment

Maintenance principles of kitchen equipment cabinets

Basically, the stainless steel kitchen equipment cabinet itself has a basic moisture-proof treatment, but it is still impossible to flush directly or for a long time against the cabinet to avoid damage to the board due to moisture. Therefore, the surface of the cabinet should be dried immediately. Wipe dry with a rag. Clean it with a slightly damp cloth on weekdays. If it is difficult to wipe, you can use a neutral detergent and a vegetable gourd cloth to brush lightly. Regular maintenance and disinfection can be wiped with a 1:1 dilution of bleach and water. Pots, dishes and other objects should be wiped dry as much as possible before they are put into the cabinet. At the same time, avoid sharp objects directly scratching the surface, and do not use steel brushes to scrub. Do not open and close the door too hard or exceed the opening angle (110 degrees), hinges and other metal parts, to avoid permanent accumulation of water stains.

Daily maintenance of kitchen countertops

For the cleaning and maintenance of the countertop, the kitchen equipment is generally cleaned with a damp cloth. If there are spots, it can be cleaned with pancreatic water and a neutral detergent. Do not use strong chemical detergents. You may wish to use it when you encounter uncomfortable dirt. If the Yizi water is a matte countertop, you can use detergent powder and 3M vegetable cloth (yellow) to gently wipe in a circular motion. The same method can be applied to the situation of cigarette burning. In addition, special attention should be paid not to let rough chemicals, such as dye strippers, rosin oil, acetone, etc., directly contact the countertop, or to place hot pot kitchen equipment directly on the countertop. These actions will damage the countertop surface. Place a heat insulation pad on the countertop to avoid this situation. Although the countertop is easy to repair, there are still some things that should be paid attention to in operation, such as preparing a cutting board when cutting things, and do not directly cut food on the countertop. All kinds of damage should be prevented afterwards, so that the kitchen utensils will always be as good as new.