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Roast Duck? Learn about Kexinglong's roast duck oven~

From:Internet Posted on:2021-04-30

Roast duck, as a food, does it come to your mind?
The oily red shiny, crispy skin and tender meat, ah~ the saliva is all over the floor!
Today I will introduce you how to roast duck~
The general heat of roast duck is controlled between low and medium heat, because if the heat is too high, the skin on the surface of the roast duck will be scorched, so generally we will keep rolling it when roasting duck, so that it can be guaranteed. The roast duck is thoroughly cooked and makes the roast duck crispy and refreshing
How to control the heat and furnace temperature? In fact, this question is a long story. We need to consider the following aspects:
1. The size and weight of ducks and geese. Generally speaking, the heavier the furnace temperature is, the greater the oven temperature, of course, the longer the roasting time;
2. The amount of roasting, the same temperature and firepower, of course, the larger the number, it is easier to absorb the heat in the furnace, and the average distribution is less, so of course a higher furnace temperature or firepower is required in the case of a large number. Two geese and full furnace goose, do you think that needs a greater furnace temperature? Needless to say!
3. The concentration of vinegar in the skin water. The boiling point of vinegar is about 60 degrees. Because the skin water contains vinegar, the skin water with high vinegar concentration is more susceptible to fire and more likely to be coked;
4. The choice of charcoal is very important. Environmentally friendly carbon and litchi charcoal are different, and different charcoal has different firepower, so you need to make corresponding adjustments according to the actual situation.
5. The oven has a direct influence on the oven temperature. Generally speaking, the furnace temperature of a small and high furnace will be higher because the heat will be more concentrated, and conversely, a large furnace will be relatively low. Colleagues pig iron furnaces are different from stainless steel double-layer furnaces. These are also issues that a roast duck chef needs to consider.
Regardless of whether it is roast duck or chicken, basically the back faces the flame, the abdomen faces the furnace wall, and the one facing the furnace wall is irradiated by the reflected heat of the furnace wall, which will absorb heat better. The belly is thicker, and of course it needs to absorb more heat. The question is, what are the requirements and differences in firepower between a wide furnace and a narrow furnace? If it is a narrow furnace, because it is relatively short, the flame will be close to the bottom of the duck and goose, and of course it will burn black. Therefore, the fire power of the narrow furnace needs to be lower, and the heat generated by the small fire can only be slowly roasted. Compared to a large grill, roasting the same duck and goose takes more time.
If it is roasting meat, a large fire and high temperature are required, and a small oven has more advantages, it heats up quickly, and it saves charcoal compared to a large oven~
The roast duck oven is prospering with customers, and you will definitely not be disappointed~ (The boss said please eat the local lychee roast duck in Dongguan!)
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