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Five tips for kitchen utensils for commercial hotel supplies

From:Internet Posted on:2021-04-30

1. Ceramic tableware for hotel supplies

Soak the freshly bought ceramic tableware in 4% vinegar water, then put it in a pot and boil it to a boil, which can remove most of the harmful substances.

If the used porcelain dishes and porcelain bowls are too greasy and difficult to clean, you can rinse them with hot water first, then wipe them with dry flour, and finally rinse them with clean water. It will be particularly clean.

The bowl that has been beaten with egg liquid has a big fishy smell, so it can be soaked in cold water before washing with hot water. If you wash directly with hot water, the fishy smell will remain on the bowl.

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2. Plastic containers for hotel supplies

Plastic containers will become sticky after some time. At this time, they can be soaked in diluted bleach water overnight, and then rinsed off with clean water the next day. Open the lid if there is a lid, and it will be clean after drying. New.

3. Iron products of hotel supplies

Ironware kitchen utensils mainly include iron pans, shovel, kitchen knives, etc.

The key issue in the washing of iron products is rust removal and rust prevention. After each cooking in an iron pan, use a brush to brush out the oil in the pan, wipe it off, and then dry it with a rag to prevent it from rusting.

If the pot is sticky during cooking, if you can't get it off with a brush, you can sprinkle some coarse salt and fry it, and then use a brush to clean the pot.

If you wash the pan with water after frying the vegetables, be sure to wipe the water in the pan with a rag after washing, or burn it on the fire to dry the remaining water in the pan to avoid rusting of the iron pan.

After using up the shovel and kitchen knife, apply a layer of raw oil on the surface or dry it with ginger slices to prevent rust.

If the iron products have rusted, they can be wiped with potato peels. The rust will be removed soon.

4. Vegetable washing basket for hotel supplies

Because there are many gaps in the washing basket, it is difficult to clean it. When cleaning, fill the vegetable washing basket with water, then pour the corresponding proportion of bleach, and soak it overnight to wash away all the bacteria and dirt attached to the crevices.

5. Glassware for hotel supplies

Long-term use of glass oil bottles will deposit a layer of grease on the bottom of the bottle, and the body of the bottle will also be greasy and even smelly. When cleaning, you can first put a few pieces of crushed eggshells in the bottle, add a few drops of detergent, and then pour a little hot water. After repeated shaking, rinse with water, the grease will be washed away. You can also pour baking soda or edible alkaline water into an oil bottle and shake it for a while, and finally rinse it off with hot water.